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What's your favorite Christmas movie?

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My all time fav is Miracle on 34th street the old one that features Macy's department store and I think it is Natalie Wood as the little girl. Loved this one since I was a little girl...oh & it has to be in black and white.

My next fav is It's a wonderful Life (also black & white)

Followed by the A Christmas Carol starring George C. Scott...

My DH's fav is the Dr. Suess cartoon the Grinch Who Stole Christmas (every year I buy him something Grinch related).

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I think it is The Grinch because it is my daughters favorite and even though she is now 24 she still giggles and sings along like she did when she was little. I just love seeing her watch it! My daughter still watches every Christmas show on. LOL it is her favorite thing to do and since she is back home this year I'm seeing a lot more of them! I still the The Santa Clause with Tim Allen, what a hoot. I love Rudolf too.

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A Christmas Carol-George C Scott, An American Christmas Carol-Henry Winkler, A Charlie Brown Christmas,

Holiday Inn-Bing Crosby, Christmas Vacation-Chevy Chase, A Christmas Story, The Family Stone-Diane Keaton,

The Bells of St. Mary's-Bing Crosby,The Night they Saved Christmas-Jaclyn Smith, all 3 of The Santa Clause movies. and of course It's a Wonderful Life!

When my kids were small and it would get really hot in July we'd stay in and watch the Christmas movies and make it Christmas in July, such good memories. Does anyone remember the Cabbage Patch Kids Christmas???

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#1 all time favorite is White Christmas, followed closely by Holiday Inn.

I have not had a Christmas since 1964 without Rudolf... when we moved to Germany, I had a taped version of it we popped in Christmas Eve to watch!

I also fell in love with The Night they saved Christmas while we were in Germany. It was one of the few Christmas movies that year on AFN.

I am a Christmas movie freak! We have a Christmas Movie Night almost every night between Thanksgiving and Christmas at my house!


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It is a must...we watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation every year on Thanksgiving night...just to get us in the mood. The part where Chevy Chase steps on the board in the attic brings back memories :P:D:o

My favorite is "It's a Wonderfule Life" but give me Jimmy Stewart any day. Oh, I love Cary Grant too, so if I can find a movie about Christmas with him in it I'm there.

I love to watch "White Christmas" because I would like to dance with Danny Kaye, although my first dance partner would be Gene Kelly :)

I love "Miracle on 34th Street" - both versions. We watch that one every year too.

"A Christmas Story" is good and has some great parts....I just get lost when he dreams about those guys coming over the fence in the prision outfits.

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