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Raising my prices

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I have been thinking about how I can simplify my pricing structure. There was an interesting article in Unlimited Possibilities (just came yesterday) by Linda Taylor on pricing strategies used around the country. The best one still seems to be psi, even though it sure gets complicated. I'm thinking of creating only 3 main categories, Allover only, Allover with Borders, Custom. Then pricing each component within that category but limiting the number of components.


Simple - .015

Moderate - .02

Complex - .025

This should cover all my pantos or freehand allovers.

Allover w/Border

Simple - .02

Moderate - .022

Complex - .027

Self Explanatory


Simple design

Blocks/Border - .025

Moderate design

Blocks/Sashing/Border - .027

Complex design

Blocks/Sashing/Border - .03

After that, each service like extra borders - say $5 ea, SID, outline, echo, - add .005 to each price for each service.

I just made this us off the top of my head and of course, I need to study this to make sure it isn't too cost prohibitive with these numbers but you get the idea. Then my DH said he would create a spreadsheet for me and all I do is check off each component on the worksheet, plug that in to the spreadsheet and get a price.

I tried quoting a custom at 6 hours that had applique outline and dense stipple in the borders only and then continuous curve in the middle. Boy was I wrong. It actually took 14.5 hours, I ended up making about $12/hr. I can get an outside job for more than that. An of course, I have to pay self employment taxes on that so what's my take home? Not much. Gotta do something different.

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I have a customer who prefers very dense custom work. The quilt I am working on now for her, I predict will take around 25 hours. If I charge her .06 per sq. inch, I will earn 16.78 an hour. I would like to earn at least $20 per hour, but this seems like too high a price to charge. Could I get some opinions from those of you who do this type of work? I have done some very dense freehand overalls for her before and charged .03 psi and some custom work at .045 psi, and she was happy with the work and the price. This is the first one that she has requested both dense and custom on. Please let me know what you think.



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