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Loopy thread & slow thread take-up

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I've got two questions.........

First, my Millie has been veeeeeeeerrrrrrrrry slow on thread take-up. You know, when you press the yellow button to bring the bobbin thread to the front. Then you press it again to secure your stitches.

Sometime it is slower than other times. I've tried running my machine off to the side to warm it up, but sometimes this happens in the middle of a quilting session, not just at the beginning. Any troubleshooting hints?

Secondly, I've just started quilting a batik quilt using a size 3.5 needle and a varigated Signature thread on top and a solid color A&E on bottom. I did a stitch test which came out just fine, but on the quilt top I notice in about 3 places that I have uneven, bubble-up-type stitches on the top of my quilt, about 4-5 of them and the rest of the stitch tension is fine. I just crawled underneath and find that I have 3 "thread throw up" (top thread) places on the back.

The only thing that I can think of causing this is the thread and perhaps that the thread is thicker at the darker thread varigation. But why just in a few spots and not at each color change?




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Hi Tammy

Sometimes you need to adjust one of the componets on the Mother Board after you have used it a bit. It is real easy though, just open up the front hood and you will see a circut board on top. If you are standing at the front of the machine you will see some pretty little blue componets that look like little monopoly houses on the right side. Look for the one with a #8 on the top. Now grab a little screw driver and turn the little brass screw one full turn to the right. There ya go, all done! Now that was easy was'nt it! Oh first, warm up the machine for about 15 min.

Regarding your thread issues, perhpas it is spooloing off the cone too fast. Try putting a thread new over the thread and see if that helps. You may have to loosen the tension to compesate for the net but give it a try.

Sure hope this helps.

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