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need crimper tool for molex SR back encoder

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I have a 2004 Millenium. Last week the horizontal stitch regulator quit working, and we discovered a broken blue wire at the encoder. After removing the heat shrink wrap, now two wires are broken. I've received parts (invoice number 30171). We got mini pins short ear - but I don't have a crimper that will work with that small of a pin.

I need a suggestion for a crimper for this size wire, this type of terminal (pin). If you know a part number or exact name of the tool that will crimp the small wires into the pins that insert into the Molex terminal that goes into the housing.

I do have a Digi-Key catalog that has a many many options.

Help, pleeeeeez.

Thanks, Crystal


Thanks all, for your replies. Last week when this happened, my husband soldered it right away - and it didn't work, but we know now it was probably because the pin was sort of mangled. This is also when the second wire broke. Talked to both Amy and Christie which resulted in the shipment of the new pins and molex housing. Then he attempted to crimp it with no success - then my call-out to all of you for help.

Nigel's note gave me hope and my husband again soldered the wires to new pins. YIPPEE - it works perfectly again. Thus ends my expedition into custom quilting with no stitch regulator. Many Thanks, Crystal

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Have you called Amy or Christie at APQS? Sorry to hear of your trouble, wish I had the answer. You may also want to try to get a hold of Dave and DeLoa Jones in South Haven, MI. Dave does repair work and might be able to tell you the exact tool that you would need. You should be able to find their contact information on this site.

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I had the same thing happen on my wifes machine. I ordered the pins from Amy but in the mean time I removed the pin from the connector, used something like a eyeglass screwdriver to open up the crimp and soldered the wire to the pin and put it back together. I slid the heat shrink back into place and taped it well with electrical tape so the wires wouldn't flex at the connector. That was a year ago and I still have the new pins for next time. If your broken wire is on the encoder side of the connector how about taking it off the carriage and taking it to some one who makes up computer cables I'll bet you they would crimp it for next to nothing.


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