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Hi all,

I'm very new to this, but so far I'm really pleased with my practice results, so am thinking ahead ... I've started obsessing about how you get your name out there in local guilds, shops, etc. for business, without stepping on already established quilters' toes. How territorial are pro. quilters and why should anybody give me business, when they already have an established quilter in their midst?

Thx for any advice!

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Wow, what a question. I have had a terrible time so far. I started this venture in June. I got my first paying customer quilt in October. I came in following behind a quilter who had done things dirt cheap. She was very popular and when she moved a lot of her customers just decided to drive the 100 miles or send their stuff to her. I have been to the local shop, and since they no longer refer people to her they are starting to send me some business. I now have three customers, but I was hoping to have 10 or 12 by this time.

Somebody suggested to me that you go to every guild meeting around you. I don't have any nearby, so that isn't an option.

My suggestion is advertise, take samples to all the local shops, send mailers to churches and community centers, etc. That's what I'm doing now.

I hope this helps a little bit.



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I know what you mean... .I along with all of my friends sent out quilts to a guy that did a great job for a really cheap price. (He has since died). But, my friends I give them a real price break, my husbands aunt pays me $25.00 a quilt , along with my mother in law, other than than I try to charge .01 cent per inch. 80 X 100 = $80.00. When I retire (in Jan 2007), I am going to have someone make me a website to help sell quilts and hopefully get some new business. I want to join some quilts and put my business cards in quilt shops.

Barb Weetzel

Ivy Corner Quilting

Altoona, Iowa 50009

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I wouldn't worry about getting the business. It is there and it seems to just come. All of the longarmers that I know stay very booked and have done little advertising. It may take a while for word to get out that you are in business but once you do a quilt for one person and they show it to someone else and they call you and then show their quilt to someone else . . it just happens and in no time at all, you will be booked much farther out than you imagined.

Entering your own quilts in local, regional and national shows is a great way to get your name out.

Offer to quilt samples for the local shops. Everyone who enters the shop will see what you can do.

Find out what the other local longarmers do and if there's a niche not being filled, and that's something you like to do . . do it. Here, most of the quilters here do pantos and e2e. I prefer custom so it was really to get my foot in the door since there was no one really here doing what I do.

I am confident all of you can have more business than you can handle in no time at all.

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I'm very new at this also and can't believe the business I have been blessed with so far given I work a demanding job also. With that said I did just recently join the local Guild and went just a few weeks ago to my first meeting. I will continue to attend but must say I was disappointed in the meeting as no one took the time to welcome me or introduce theirselves. It wasn't what I expected. No one was interested in what I might could contribute to the guild. I am just setting that aside and attending again. Maybe I am just an open and friendly person and think everyone should be so I'm going to give it more time.

I also have been blessed that the local shop is in love with some quilts I have done and I have recieved all my business thus far through them. She takes the quilts and even collects my money for me. All I do is pick up or my Honey does it for me. I was asked to go to Louisana once a month as the Longarmer there is booked for the next year. If I need more business that is what I will do but so far I am staying very busy. I did I think 8 quilts in the past 3 weeks and I picked up three more today. I will finish them and pick up some more on Tuesday. The shop has several put away that were never quilted and she is has her employees doing some finishing up and I will do those. She also requested I do her SHOW ENTRY for Next year. I was thrilled. There are 10 quilts that will be finished this month that I expect to get. Wow. I am so excited. I feel so blessed. It could end any minute I tell myself but for now I am overjoyed.

I recieved one today that on April 10th will be shown at the next block of the month Mtg. I want it to look the best it can as there are over 100 ladies that are completed their tops that same month. They will be given a chance to sign up for their quilts to be done within a certain time frame and so I might get some of those. Fair to say I will get about 10 for sure. We shall see.

I do not know how they feel about computer quilting but most simiply tell me to do whatever I think will look the best. So far everything has been freehand quilted and So far everyone has been very happy with their quilt and pleased with my prices. I charge about what most do even though I am new. No problems so far. I have not had anyone sign any aggreements thus far. Something I guess I need to think about I suppose. I just bring their quilt home and quilt it without a thought.

If being a member of the local guild doesn't bring me pleasure I will start my own guild. Spending time with other quilters should be none other than the time of your life. A time to share, quilt and contribute to others. Its a good thing. All members need to shine from time to time not just selected few.

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