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my wholecloth quilt......

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......wooow! You make me growing:cool: miminum 4inches...,;)when I read your nice and wonderful comments!

Thank you all!:)

Sherry....*lol* a room for my ribbons??? OMG..... I think I?ll prefer the room for more fabrics, threads etc;)

Janne.....yeees, I?ll will talk to you soon... big promise!:cool:

Linda S. and Linda B..... Will I meet you at MQS??? Would be happy!

Misty.....I enjoyed it soooooooooo much to meet you!:D

What did the other guys say to your quilt???

Have a great day....

Claudia from Germany

BTW..... Has anyone any idea to stretch the day time to 48 hours????*lol* Every idea would be appreciated!:cool:

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Hi Misty!

Okay, now let?s don?t be shy, we saw what a beautiful quilt you made at Claudia's! :)

Have Ali take a picture of you holding it for bragging rights & post! ;)

Originally posted by Mboes

Claudia you are amazing!!!! How beautiful and how happy you must be to complete it so quickly. You are a very busy talented woman and an awesome inspiration to many.

Keep quilting and keep smiling - we love you!!

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Claudia, You and the rest of your gals should be so proud of Misty. She made a beautiful quilt. Misty should be proud as well. She did a great job.

I posted on your wholecloth on the euro chat, but again, you and Brigit's did a stunning job. Your two should be proud too.

Hugs and Kisses , Myrna We missed you.

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