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Darlene Epps Books

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Most definitely....they will help with any make model or are in total control of the size of the any sized machine will work. Even your regular DSM you can still get ideas, its just a bit harder on your shoulders when the day is done.

Bonnie Botts

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"Absolute rules are about as useless in making quilts as they are in raising children" Carter Houck---1992

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Absolutely! These designs can work on any size machine. I love those little books... they live right on my quilting table and are always in hands reach. :)

"Of all the things a woman's hands have made---The quilt so lightly thrown across her bed---The quilt that keeps her loved ones warm---Is woven of her love and dreams and thread." excerpt from The Romance of the Patchwork Quilt by Carrie A. Hall

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I agree, too. I bought them when I was quilting on a New Joy frame with a Brother 1500S. Now I use them with my Liberty. The type of machine doesn't matter. In fact, her ideas can be used with a domestic machine, too.

Sandra Darlington

Darlington Quilts

2005 APQS Liberty, Circle Lord Enhanced or

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I just received Darlene Epp's Pocket Guide to Freehanding Heirloom Feathers, Freehand, Formal & Fanciful.

WOW! What a lot of great techniques and ideas. I haven't even gotten into the workbook, and I can hardly wait. This is all about timing--I've been drooling over all the beautiful feathers out there, and I'm not very patient to sit and digitize feathers---What a chore! Besides, there are so many you can do freehand!

Thank you Darlene for such excellent "pocket" books for us to use. Yes, of course I'll be posting pictures of PPP.

Funny story: DH picked up the mail and on the UPS priority envelop (it went to our PO box) there was in red type "Extremely Urgent". He phoned me as he was on his way to Portland, "Honey, do you need this right away, or can I continue to Portland and bring it to you tonight?" You know how hard it was for me to not say yes?:P



"Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence, and I learn, whatever state I may be in, therein to be content." Helen Keller

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