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I just finished this for the LQS class sample. It is a pretty simple pattern from a book which is still on order at the LQS so I cannot give the author or name of the book.

It is double-batted with Warm and White and Quilter's Dream Puff for quilt definition.

Lots of ruler work in this one. I double lined the black knot work, SID'd everything. I used a Keryn Emmerson border that was continuous and freemotion once I practiced it a while. I also used some Helen Squire design elements in the interior spaces of the knot.

There are lots more photos on my blog (click here )....


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Thanks everybody for the nice comments. I had fun with this despite the ruler work.


I used black, turquoise and Mono Poly (until I gave up on it. I really don't like to roll back and forth. I just did all the black and then the turquoise and then rolled.

Hey, does anybody else have problems with MonPoly. It is so fine and so curly that it is hard to see (probably the good part) and hard to handle.

Has anybody ever used Madeira clear thread? Is it poly or nylon?

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Do you mean the Madeira Monolon? That is what I have used since last summer and I love it! It is so fine that a lot of times I think the thread has broke because I can't see it at the needle...then I look closer and it's still there! I'm glad that it rarely breaks because when I have to deal with it I find it really hard to see... but that makes it so much better for the quilting. It was recommended last year in a class with Karen McT....and I thought if she likes it, it was worth a try.

I just looked on the cone and it doesn't say if it is poly or nylon, sorry.

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I don't have to much of a problem with monopoly but it is slicker than YLI. I still have concerns about using mono in a quilt. I'm getting ready to get our guilds raffle quilt and it is all paper piece batik stars with black moda background. I definitely want to use black thread for the background but I'm at a loss what to use for the stars. I sure don't want to have to change threads with each different star color! That would be torture. Any suggestions? I'm thinking I'll SID the stars or some kind of line dancing with the star outlined but still not sure until I get it.

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