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I would like to volunteer at MQS this year. I don't have my travel plans confirmed yet, but if you can give me some idea which days you are short on vounteers, maybe I can arrange something. Thanks much and I'm looking forward to meeting in person you and some of the ladies on this forum.

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You can send me an email at volunteer@imqa.org or at jlathem005@centurytel.net

Let me know what days you think you are coming, what times and jobs you would like to work. If you have signed up to take classes, then you can be a TA (teacher's angel). If not, there are still PLENTY of places I need help. I can always use help at the volunteer desk. We need WG, gofers, TA's, help in the Boutique. I also understand we will be having strictly an information booth that needs volunteers.

All of you that are coming, be sure and stop by the Community Outreach booth and help them quilt the project quilts. That counts as volunteer time. And if you don't know, for every 2 hours you volunteer, you put your name in the pot for daily door prize drawings. Then ALL the names go into the drawing for the GRAND PRIZE which is drawn at the end of the show.

(Was this TOO much information?) :o

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