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t-shirt, cotton shirts, and jeans quilt pattern needed

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I have a friend who's son so generously volunteered her to do a memory quilt for a friend's mom. The quilt is to made with the deceased dad's t-shirts, jeans, and cotton shirts. My friend is at a loss on how to incorporate all of these into a quilt. She is stumped and just wants to get it done and get on with quilting fun stuff. Any ideas out there?

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I made one a few years ago and was given bags of the deceased man's clothes. I was asked to use just a piece from all the itmes. I had dress shirts, flannel shirts, tee shirts, sweatshirts, jeans, khakis, slippery fabric with little holes (like a basketball shirts and shorts), silk boxers with big red lips (!!!), handkerchiefs, you name it, and it was in the bags. She wanted a large lap quilt. I finally just cut small blocks, maybe 3.5 or 4.5 inches, and pieced them together as best I could; many had to be stabilized first. I used the pockets from some of the jeans in each of the 4 corners and folded 4 of the handkerchiefs (Willie Nelson bandanna kind) and put one in each pocket. I put on a flannel border and the backing and binding were also flannel. I chose a blue floral because, 1) blue is her favorite color, and 2) there was a lot of blue in the blocks.

So the sorry goes that when the widow was given the quilt she loved it and started to cry. She grabbed one of the bandannas from a pocket and used it to wipe her eyes. She loved it. I thought it was a bit on the ugly side, but the bits and pieces of fabric weren't my memories, they were hers.

I have seen some very nice memory quilts. One idea is to use a piece of the clothes in the center of a star, so you could mix the "memories" with some pretty, new fabric.

Good luck with your project.

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