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I am stepping in here to ask your Opinions. I read the lists all the time but do not write. Love to see all the great thing everyone has to say.

I have a fan quilt that I want to put a Panto on. What has anyone done that they liked.

I have searched the net but cant decide what would look good on it.

I have CQ so will be looking for Digitized design.

I would send picture but do not know how to attach.

Thank You for all your suggestions.


Paradise CA

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I believe Joanne Hoffman has a fan panto for the CQ. I may be wrong, but I know I have it on my CQ somewhere. I am sure she did it with a grapevine motif on a quilt. Check out her website. www.compuquilterdesigns.com. Now, keep in mind I have been wrong before. :D:D:D If you don't want to use fans, she has other great designs. She has other designers on her site and the digitizing is amazing. Sue Patten's feather pantos are great. Sherry Rogers has a couple that are really cool. Others too. You might want to look.


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I have to agree. All of the designers mentioned have excellent designs. I have some from all of them. There are so many more. Ann Bright, Ellen Munnich, Linda Lawson, Etc. It's my new "stash". :D:D:D:D No more room for fabric, but the computer can hold thousands of designs. Too funny.


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