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first turn off your machine wait then turn it back on. Most importantly post this in GONE QUITLING CHAT ABOUT ANYTING. More people read that and someone will be able to be more helpful Welcome


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Hi Jane

With your machine turned off, can you rotate the large chrome thumbwheel wheel which raises and lowers the needle. It sounds like you still have some of the batting jammed in the hook assembly. Check this and gently prise it all out.

Let us know how you get on. Do you know how to change the fuses.

sue in australia

sue in australia

APQS Australia

CQ Australia

613 9769 0248

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Hi Jane,

Try what Sue in Australia out any remaining jammed batting and then replacing the fuse. When I blew the fuse on my Lenni, the light and stitch regulator worked, but not the green or white button.

Is your machine CSA approved? If so, there are 2 fuses in your machine. Let us know if you need more help.

Nadia Wilson
Nadia Wilson Designs
Longarm Quilting Service
APQS Sales Rep
British Columbia, Canada
Vancouver Island

Text or phone at 250-902-9701

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