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Edgerider wheels anyone??

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Lisa, if you are anywhere near the person who installed your system, I would highly recommend that you have them come back and check your table. That is what I did, and it moves much smoother now. I had tested the edgerider wheels but they made no difference at all...it was 100% the table. it was not set up square so the wheels 'bound up' as they moved.

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Thanks to all who responded to my table concerns I really appreciate your concern. I have not been ignoring you I was out of town picking up my new puppy and was no where near a computer. I just got back late last night and will take a look to see if the wheels are installed correctly as it sounds like that might be an area of concern. I took a class in Tacoma at Innovations last year with Amy and she is absolutely wonderful. I know when I had major tension problems Dawn Cavanaugh actually phoned me and talked me through checking my timing, etc. What an absolute jem! One thing I can say is that APQS really tries hard to provide good customer service. I am setting up a new quilting studio and have to move my lenni to the it's new home. I am actually thinking of selling it and trading up to a Mille. It would be a good time as I already have to move it anyway. Does anyone know of someone looking to buy a 2008 Lenni? Thanks,


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