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Hartley Base Extender w/Rulers

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Originally posted by sewing2009

what is a Hartley Base Extender ?

If you have to ask - then you need one. It slides onto the throat of the machine and provides a stable area to do ruler work. Give a larger area to balance the rulers.

I use mine constantly. It really makes a difference in keeping the rulers steady.

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Jolene...are you trying to get a commission???;)

Thank you for answering everyone's questions. I had follow-up back & eye doc appts in Reno, today, and just got home.

Jennifer, I'm not sure, but I'll check. Or maybe someone that knows will post before I find out.

PS (she whispers) Jolene, your check is in the mail!!:D:D

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Thanks, Sheri. I'm not sure I'm willing to sell it to someone who is having way too much fun taking lessons from Myrna. I'm just not sure that's fair!

Actually, if it fits an Ultimate 1, Jennifer had first dibs. But I guess your gal can be second in line.

You guys look like you're having way too much fun and learning cool things. I'm just slightly green...:D

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In response to several U2Us - the base expander for APQS without thread cutter & 2 rulers is still for sale.

Rebecca - I sent you an email. I forgot to tell you that I also have Myrna's DVD to go with it. There are 2 other ladies interested in the stencils. I'll see what Rebecca says first though then go down the line.

I also have the stencil adapter to hold the stencils for $65.

Thanks for the interest.!

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On 3/23/2009 at 4:06 PM, DoryJM said:

Hi All...

I'm selling my Hartley Base Extender with the Rulers for $85 plus shipping (they are $125 new).

If you're interested or would like a picture, let me know.


Please get back w me about hartly fence no thread cutter  apqs ultimate 1 509 760 3730

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The For Sale post is over 9-years old, so I would hazard to guess they are no longer available.  

If you are specifically looking for the item, you might make a post asking if anyone has one, or maybe you will be lucky and someone will see your post and this reply.  Take care, and Merry Christmas.

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