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Suggestions Requested for wavy fabric

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I am trying to help a sister Longarm Quilter. Her problem is that she has a block that had a photo transfer with a cowgirl face on it. She quilted feathers around the outer edge of the block and now the center is all wavy. I suggested that she add extra batting under each cowgirl block and outline each face. What suggestions do you have?


Sandy West


Artisan Quilt Studio

Brookshisre, TX

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That is the perfect solution for this. Unfortunately she will need to frog at least one side of the block to slip the extra batting in!

Photo transfers are tricky to quilt--they are stiffer than regular fabric usually and also unforgiving if you need to take out stitches. The holes left by the needle sometimes do not close up--like with fused fabric--depending on the method she used to transfer the image.

And yes, the inside of the block will need more stitching of some sort--around the cowgirl and the horse, maybe. I think just the face wouldn't be enough to balance the exterior stitching. Just my 2 cents an inch here. Good luck to your friend!

Linda Rech

Finely Finished Quilts

Millennium on Bliss rails--hand-guided

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I did a preprinted panel quilt by a friend of a friend, that had moose apnels, four small ones, one in each corner, and the large central panel. ...stippling didn't look right, so that was frogged, and I basically "drew" freehand around all the features of the panels... with lots of matching thread changes, I traced the trees, the branches, the grasses, made water and cloud designs, leaves and outlined the features of the moose. It was so many color changes! yikes!

I don't know if she liked it or not, I had to work when she had time to pick it up, but she didn't call or anything. :(

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