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And I used King Tut thread and it gave me no trouble, after I by passed most of the holes while threading the machine. Loosened the tension just a tad on top. The color is "Old Giza"; or if you are speaking of ME, "Old Geezer". hahahaha I have no idea what the bobbin thread was! It came as a sample with my Millie.

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Linnea, your spirals, no matter how they were made, are just great.. Nothing to be almost ashamed of.. some of us are way ahead of others, some, like me, are way behind others.. we can all learn something new, and enjoy showing it to others..

So glad you did. Love both quilts, but the one for your mother is simply gorgeous.


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Linnea you did a great job on both quilts and NEVER apologize!

I love what you did of the firt quilt by using 2 different designs and I love the water design and the CL swirls in the second. You are on your way girl so you just keep it up and keep posting those beautiful quilts. ;);)

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