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We're looking for pictures of your quilts to show off as prime examples of what a longarm machine can really do.

We'll use them in online educational ads coming up in the next couple months. If you have any you'd like to share let me know or attach them to this post. Also include an info about awards you've won.


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Hi Tad

If you go to my website there are a lot of pictures that you can use... if you want to.

will get you to the award winning ones that are fine to use with no copywrite issues. Well the 'Daisy Dance' and Lace #1 wholecloth mainly. The Moonglow hardly shows the quilting anyway....

Hope this helps you!!


Tracey Browning

Beautiful South Australia......

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I have some examples of longarming for my own quilts and client quilts on my website and some others on webshots if you want to take a look. My own stuff is usually on the artsy side, so if you are looking for something different something here might work for you.

Here is the site address:

and my webshots address is:

If you go under "my & John's quilts" you will find some of my own and my husband's latest work.


Jessica Schick

Digi-Tech Designs, llc ~Digital, Paper, & Embroidery Quilting patterns

~APQS, Quilt Path, & Intelliquilter Sales, Service, & Education

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You are welcome to take a look at my webshots albums to see if there is anything there that you can use. I also would like to notify a customer, if you decide to use photo. All customers have signed OK for use of pictures on the internet.


Carol Wiles

MQS Quilt Show Chairman

The Final Stitch

APQS Millennium & APQS Millenium w/CQ

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While you're at, come on over to the message board and visit with us! There are a bunch of fun quilters (piecers and a few longarmers) there. The retreat that I did a couple of weeks ago was for members of the AAMB (Alex Anderson Message Board). We're having another one next June so if any of you are near Paducah, KY, you might want to join us . .we had FUN!

Judy Laquidara

Brownwood, TX

APQS Millennium


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We have recently updated our webshots to include our daughter, Carissa's MQS 2004 junior Div awards - (Age 12/she was actually age 11 when she did these) quilted on our Millennium by her. She won 1st / 3rd place. She won 1st place ribbons at our recent county fair and Best of Division. These are located in the "kidz Corner" album. My album, "CJ's Quilt" includes some of the award quilts I have done and then there are the customer quilt albums.

Access to albums: webshots/ user:simplycj


website access:

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