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MQS2009 - Upgrades to Pre-Design Studio


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Hi everyone,

In a couple of days we will start packing for MQS!

One small request to those of you who have a previous version of Pre-Design and want to upgrade to Pre-Design Studio:

if you want to benefit from the special upgrade offer and pick it up during MQS, please email me privately stating the serial number of your version of Pre-Design (for Version 2: serial number is on the back of the CD case - Version 3: serial number is on the CD itself).

Please put "Upgrade at MQS" in the subject line. Send us your email before May 7, so that we can bring your upgrade to Overland Park.

For information about our classes at MQS and our presence at the Make & Take as well as Super Sampler events, please visit http://quilters.pre-design.eu/mqs2009.htm

We are sooo honored to share our Super Sampler demo station with Claudia Pfeil!! You simply must visit us there - we'll have a ball :)

Hope to meet many of you!

Can't wait :)


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