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I saw a quilt in the museum at Paducah last week and I keep thinking about it. I can't remember the exact details but I think it had a lavender background and the feathers were stitched in lavender and the teenie stippling was stitched in a pale almost transparent green thread and it just looked like a shadow.

Has anyone done anything like this? I have a fractured lone star of my own and the background is a mossy green Moda Marble and there's some lavender in the star. I'm thinking I might use a lavender thread (Bottom Line maybe??) to create a shadowy effect for the stippling.

Think that would work? Know of any other thread that is very fine and kinda transparent that has some color to it?

Here's the quilt: http://community.webshots.com/photo/48632180/87246934VGNdbn

Dang . . I really should dust those fan blades if they're going to get in my pictures! :P


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Guest Linda S

Hi Judy --

Bottom Line is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of fine sturdy thread that comes in many wonderful colors. I think you could put it to good use on the beautiful quilt. Good luck!

Linda :D

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