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When I moved to Ohio 9 years ago, I didn't have much furniture, so I turned to the Thrift stores, and bought chairs, dressers, tables, etc.

I found two of these and got 'em for about $5/ea. I haven't started the other as I have a quilt on... my challenge to myself was to just use scraps and not do much cutting.... LOL

I love the sort of 'Shabby Chic" look, so I've built on that - although I think I'm done "crackling" every piece of wood furniture that comes in the door!

Here's the back... I decided to use rick rack instead of the usual braid...


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Shannon! That's really kool! I've reupolstered a couch, but it takes more physical work than I am up to these days!

I do have to say that a while back someone posted the blue Hawaiian appliqued sofa and I fell head over heals for that one!

Thanks everyone for your great comments!

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Very cool. Bobbi, :Dso would we call this "The It's OK to sit on my quilt chair?" (as opposed to the title of that book called "The It's OK to sit on my quilt book?")

--- (I've often wondered if the author means it's OK to sit on the "quilt" or it's OK to sit on the quilt "book" because one could read it either way...I have that book and just out of pure curiosity, I have sat on it and...well, yes... it's OK!) ;)

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Shana - did the book "sit" well? lol you are too funny girl!

Kristina, I almost never have to purchase patterns! I've made soooo many quilts and stuff from the mags!

Karen: I'd love to, but I think the shipping to Aussie land would be a bit prohibitive! Check your local thrift stores, you could do this even to dining room chairs that have a padded seat.

Linzi - would LOVE to see what's in YOUR thrift stores!!!

ALL! Thanks again for your great comments!

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