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Hi Ladies, Judy's DH Jason here. I just finished a large run of seam rippers this morning. A dozen were delivered to the quilt shop down the road and the rest are being made available here first.

33 standard seam rippers are available at $8 each. 9 premium seam rippers are available at $25 each (last photo only)

All seam rippers are hand turned by me in my shop and all have a hand rubbed oil finish. The premium seam rippers are made of professionally dyed and/or stabilized woods or acrylic resins.

Shipping will be $5.95 per order, Paypal or credit card via phone (Pro Pay) only. No checks this time around.

<a href=""><img src=""></a>

3 Monterillo, 1 Maple, 2 Olive, 3 Padauk, 2 Oak

<a href=""><img src=""></a>

2 Bloodwood, 2 Ziricote, 3 Holly, 4 Mesquite

<a href=""><img src=""></a>

Cocobolo, Box Elder Burl, Myrtle, Kiiat, Walnut Burl, Bocote, Yew, Narrah, Honduran Rosewood, Sapelle, Canarywood

<a href=""><img src=""></a>

Premium Seam Rippers: 2 Violet dyed Box Elder Burl, 2 Teal dyed Box Elder Burl, Curly Maple, Tulipwood, Brazilian Rosewood, Pomelle Bubinga, Caramel Swirl acrylic.



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Guest Linda S

What does the ripper end look like? Is it a regular seam ripper with a beautiful handle? They are gorgeous, by the way. Edited: Oops! Nevermind, can see it in the bigger photos. Beautiful.


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I would like to order 3 Padauk, 1 myrtle and 1 walnut. Can you let me know which phone number you prefer to take the call at? Or you can call me at 330-224-2828. Tell your DH he does wonderful work. I just bought Christmas gifts for my quilt friends.

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