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removing blue marker

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Hi Marie---

Go to the Quilting Shows and Classes thread and that info is at the bottom of the first page. Blue marker can be tricky. If the fabric hasn't been pre-washed and you spritz with water you can get dye bleeding--not the end of the world but it entails another step for the owner. If you want to use the blue marker, get a disclaimer and waiver for your customer to sign.

Linda Rech

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Hi Marie,

You will want to use a few teaspoons of baking soda in a spray bottle with water (I use bottled water as we have hard water in our well.)

The baking soda will neutralize the Ph balance in the water so the chemicals in the pen do not act as a bonding agent.

Preferably, I soak the entire quilt so that all the residual from the pen are released, other wise spraying may leave some of the blue pin in the batting & or fabric only to come back later with heat or age. That is the key to using the blue pen. ;)

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I had some stubborn blue Mark-b-Gone and was at my wits

ends trying to get it out. It would go away when I sprayed

it with water and then later it would reappear. I was so

frustrated and worried:(, this was a gift quilt and I did not

want mistakes.

You can find my post and the answers that I received by

clicking the Search button and putting the word blizzard into

the APQS Search. Sherry Rogers-Harrison's answer is where

the blizzard come from. Her post made me laugh and got me

to relax a bit.

I did a little test on some scraps. I tried plain water sprayed,

vinegar spray and baking soda spray. I had some heavy

blue spots; all blue disappeared with the above 3 solutions...

and some of the blue came back on all 3 solutions. I ended

up running the quilt thru the washer (cold water, no

detergent). Then I took it out of the washer and carefully

scrutinzed it for any trace of the blue. I hear that if the blue

is still there when you put it in the dryer, it is there forever.

Mine was blue-free.:cool:

I think the the secret, is don't go overboard witht the blue


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Sorry I'm slow in responding to this. I learned this technique from a quilt show judge. You put the quilt with the blue markings that have reappeared into the washing machine with cold water. Add two bags of ice you can purchase from the supermarket. Allow the quilt to sit in this mixture for at least two hours. The blue markings will never come back. I thought I was going to lose a quilt! Air dry the quilt.;)

Sylvia Jacobus

Kent, WA

Always in stitches

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