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Christmas 2009 fabric swap-jellyroll strips-Packages mailed--Yay!

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Any interest in a Christmas fabric swap?

Here are the specs--

Choose three different holiday fabrics.

Cut 2 1/2 inch strips selvedge to selvedge.

You will pin one strip of each of the three fabrics together in a bundle.

The number of swappers will determine the number of bundles you will need.

For example, 14 participants will require 14 X 2 1/2" or 35" of each fabric. Buy a yard each of three fabrics, cut the strips carefully, pin in threes to total the number of swappers, send to me with an extra postage-paid envelope, and you will get back 14 x 3 (42) different jellyroll strips of Christmas fabric.

More swappers will of course require more yardage. Lets limit the participants to 18 (doing the math!) so the fabric requirements will be a yard and a third of each fabric--with careful cutting! Then the total strips will be 54 different fabrics! (For ease of arranging the bundles, you will send me "your" bundle of three and you will get that bundle back--thus everyone will get exactly the same fabric collection. And I won't go bonkers keeping everything straight!)

This will be a quick swap so we can get fabric in time to do a Christmas project.

Shall we say the end of July to join (or sooner if we reach max number--18--before then) and August 15th for receipt of the bundles?

Who wants to play?

email lindarech@comcast.net or reply here.

I will post swappers names here.

Christmas in July!! (or August!;))


Linda R-received

Laurie G-received



Cathy K-received


Debbie F


Bonnie K-received



Pam H-received


Linda C-received


Holly C-received

Cheri W-received

Terri S-received

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I would love to play, I am just not sure that I actually have enough time between August 1 and Aug 15 t cut and mail out! My relatives will start arriving by then and will be staying for awhile. I would hate to say yes, then find out I don't have enough time! I better pass on this one!

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Yes, ma'am. Christmas fabrics, my fav! I'm in too. I'm in Canada, and when I've been involved in a fabric exchange I've always enclosed a money order to cover the postage back to me, as my Canadian stamps don't work in the USA. So I will be sending a return envelope, but I'll have a money order attached instead of the stamps. Does that work for you?

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.......(in my studio!)

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Hi Linda--I put you on the list!

That solution for international swappers is perfect. Thanks for joining. We have almost maxed out on participants. If that happens soon, we can cut fabric and get ready early, if we like. I hope to have all bundles assorted and ready to send back by August 15th.

I am toying with a few designs for the strips. There are lots of jellyroll patterns out, but I think I will find a complimentary fabric and use the strips as sashing and cornerstones for a larger holiday print block. Or maybe a solid-reading cream or subtle print for the larger blocks so I have a place to do some fun quilting. Then an eye-resting 2 inch border and piano-key an outside border with the leftover jellyroll strips.

Any other pattern thoughts?

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