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Christmas 2009 fabric swap-jellyroll strips-Packages mailed--Yay!

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Pam's package arrived today! We are now at 15 participants. I have a feeling the other three are not able to honor their good intentions for whatever reason. I haven't heard from them, so....

I am going to add another (different) batch of bundles myself so I can have a full batch for a special friend. I will be sorting this weekend and the packages will go out on Monday!!

Everyone will get the full 16 bundles from the swappers, and two bundles of their own back (instead of just one).

This was great fun!! Let me know when everyone is ready for another swap.

Post pics of course of your creation from the swap strips.

I am looking for a Christmas tree skirt pattern! I bet I will have enough fabric for that.

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Hi Kristina--I will make the executive decision here and say--YES! That is a great idea and thank you. Send the strips and I am sure the gang will wait another 5 days or so for their packages. I will get everything ready so when they get here I will send out right away.

I would have replied earlier but they made me work 8 hours today at the day job! Don't they know I have important things to do!!??:P

Kristina--I will email you as well so you can plan the shopping trip. Thanks so much!

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Hi Kristina. Your extra batch and mine make 17 total. That means everyone will get back two of their own bundles. I found a pattern and know what I will do with mine. Now to find some piecing time before Christmas!

Kristina--don't worry about the postage. I will see if I can get both batches in one flat rate box. I will let you know when the package arrives.

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Christmas is coming!!

Kristina's second package arrived on Tuesday, I arranged and sorted yesterday, and the packages are on the way!!! We actually did have all eighteen swappers with one late arrival, after Kristina and myself added an extra batch each.

The two being sent to Canada will go out tomorrow.

And Holly--the clerk at the PO didn't like your address (?!) and rejected it. I brought it home and double checked--yep, it was OK so I will try again tomorrow.

Also--Cathy, you sent too much for the return postage so I tucked a bit of cash in the package.

The fabrics are great--a wonderful variety with lights and darks, brights and country, modern and traditional. We will have lots of fun and please post any finished projects.

Thanks to all for the thoughtful add-ons--I received several patterns, a great wrist pincushion with accompanying pattern, some fat quarters, a note pad, and lots of notes with warm wishes.

Let me know when you are ready for another swap!

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Mine came today too (and so did my crosshatching rulers!).

I love, love, love all the different fabrics! Now I need to get out my jelly roll quilts book to find a good pattern for them.

Thanks again, Linda, for hosting. And thanks everyone for the great variety of Christmas fabric.

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I got mine yesterday!! love them!

Thank you everyone. I wish I had thought to put my name on the ones I sent. I appreciate others who did. It's fun to see where they came from.

Sign me up for the next swap and for sure I'll label mine too.

Now I need ideas for what to do with them!

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