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McTavish Class project finished

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I took a class from Karen at APQS in December and finally finished my wholecloth project. This is my first wholecloth, but not my last. Thanks Karen for sharing your talents with us, see you next month then I will see you again in Duluth!

I don't know how to add photo's, so here is my webshots page. Take a look of you are so inclined.


Teresa Husman

APQS Millie

Ames Iowa

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It is stunning!

I know what a labor of love these whole cloths are, but by golly they are worth it! (Kind of like our children)

You did an outstanding job, be sure to enter your piece into the Whole cloth exhibit at "Quilting on the Water Front"!;)

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Beautiful quilting. I love the crosshatching and mcT but my

favorite is the corner treatment. The overlap framing

between the ribbon ends is a very nice touch. And the

straight lines to the edges really adds drama to the inside


Altogether it looks fabulous. I'm hoping to be able to do

wholecloth one of these days.

You should be so proud, it looks great.

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Thanks Barb (and everyone else).

I used Moda wide backing in a cream marble and I used Superior Sew fine on top and prewound bobbins from APQS on the bottom. I think they are Coats and Clark. Karen provided us with a water soluable thread to stitch the initial stage, but of course that washes out. Karen told us she uses bottom line on the top and bottom,but I didn't have a spool of that to do this one. I did use Bottom line in the microstippling though. I have been busy searching the web for cool stencils since I finished this one. Thanks Karen, I think you may have created a monster!


Originally posted by sewbobby

Your quilt is breathtaking, what fabric and thread did you use?

Thanks for sharing your photos


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Thanks, I used the Dritz blue water eraser pen, several of them, and the eraser pen was invaluable. Karen uses thes and provides one of each when you take her class. You can purchase them from her at her website or you can get them at your local quilt shop or JoAnns. The design was done with stencils and again when you take Karen's class she lets you use any of her stencils and gives lots of advice on how to create your design. For this quilt, I used Karen's stencils. There are several stencil companies out there, check www.quiltingstencils.com for one and I found a different one online the other day by just googling quilting stencils. If you are going to MQS, there may be at least one stencil company there. I think there was a couple last year.


Originally posted by marhall57

I want to add my admiration for your beautiful quilt, and to ask a couple questions. What kind of pen/pencil did you use to mark the quilt, and did you use stencils? Where do you buy your stencils?

Thanks for the information, and please keep sharing.:)

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Judy, How proud you must be. Your wholecloth is gorgeous.

I took Karen's class at MQS and have my quilt designed. I'm just waiting to get my Millie to quilt it. Her 6-hour class on wholecloth design was marvelous with SOOO many stencils to choose from. Before I attended, I had no concept of how wonderful stencils can be.

For those of you asking about the blue markers--since so many are used in creating wholecloth designs, check out http://www.createforless.com/.

Available products come and go, however, I was able to get two dozen of the pens for about $1.10 each last year.

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