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finally settled at the lake...sort of

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Hi guys!

Have missed being on the forum but life has been pretty chaotic. Am all moved from my beloved farm (after living there 20 years) and am settling in at the lake.

Since I last posted I have moved from the farm, painted my lake basement for my studio, moved into my studio, painted the interior of a commercial building my husband bought, been the maid I don't know how many times for our lodge (having lots of quilt retreats!), quilted many customer quilts, and had a humungous garage sale. I guess you could say I have been busy. I have lurked a time or two but just now was trying to catch up by looking at some previous posts. Wow, it sounds like Bonnie has been through it the last couple of months...I hope all is well with you now Bonnie...and everybody. Will be in touch more regularly now.

Take care everybody! :)

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I'll have to look you up on the map. We have friends in Columbia Falls. I've been to Glacier Quilts. Fun. I'll bet your place is beautiful. Any pictures? That's not Flathead Lake is it?

I just looked it up on the map... You're way over East Montana. I'll bet it's still beautiful.

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Robin, I was so thinking of you when I was at home, but didn't know how to reach you....it would have been fun to catch up, but then as you said it was a bit hectic for me and Gene....still is, new chapters coming, but so far the front line with Carrol is the same. Gene's baby brother is with her right now and plans to stay a few days at least till she can take better care of herself.

So in short a trip to Montana is definitely in my furture, just don't know when.

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Hey, Bonnie

I was thinking of you too as I remembered you saying you were coming this way sometime soon. Please do contact me, I would like to meet you in person and I could show you my studio and the lodge, too. It really sounds like you and your family have been through it the last couple of months. I did enjoy your snake and mouse story! I would have wrecked the vehicle with the mouse on my leg alone, then the snake would have given me the final heart attack! I have been walking the hunting dogs through the hills out here at the lake instead of on the road as there is too much traffic. I got home the other day and saw a huge bull snake up by the storage building by our house. I asked somebody if there are a lot of snakes out here and they said there are some rattlers and bull snakes. The rattlers are mostly out in the hills (where I have been walking the dogs). Needless to say I will be figuring out another route. I miss my farm! No traffic and no snakes!

Bonnie, do stop in if you get this way. That invite goes out to all of you gals. My new email is rrschock@gmail.com and cell is 480-1940.

Take care and I hope things are settling down for you,


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