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My first custom quilt

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I enjoy so much reading the daily posts and viewing the lovely quilts stitched by so many talented LAers. This is my first post of an African quilt I just completed. The customer will now embellish the mask appliques with bone earrings as well as African beads around many of the blocks. She picked it up today and I was so relieved that she was, to use her words, "thrilled"! WHEW!! She designs her quilts and loves applique but isn't very fond of piecing...I think she did a wonderful job at both.

Lisa Potter

Buzzy Bee Quilting


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Oh it is beautiful!!!!!!

You really "nailed" the quilting!;)

Pat your self on the back, I am sure many more are to follow, it just keeps getting better, congrats!

I feel so proud to have had you as a student!:)

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