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I had just finished a small quilt with a bobbin I had perfect for King Tut thread. Everything was stitches and bottom stitches. The customer picked up her quilt and loved it. Okay so everything is fine and "Maggie" is purring like a kitten.

So I clean her up and get her ready for another quilt. This time I am using Quilt Perfect thread on top and bottom as the customer requested. So I changed bobbins and did the drop test and thought this is going so well I should be finished by tonight. Riiiiiiiight!!! Wrrrrrrong!!!!!:(:(

The drop test was fine so I put it in and started stitching down my top edge and the stitching was real funny. So I went to the edge and made a few practice passes and they would look ok. So I tried again........again it looked bad. I kept goining back and forth with this practicing and couldn't get it right. So I took out the bobbin and did some adjustments AFTER adjusting the TOP TENSION , I don't know how many times, and discovered I don't have the right bobbin for my 'Maggie'.

When I bought my last 12 Bobbins........they slipped in a bobbin for another machine. NOT one for my Millennium. It was just a mistake but here I messes around for over and hour trying to get my stitches right and it was the wrong bobbin to begin with. So do a simple check to make sure you have the RIGHT BOBBIN for you machine.

Sorry the story got so long, but just thought it might help someone else. I never thought I would get the wrong bobbin ...........just don't take things for granted!!

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Thanks for the understanding but don't forget to check your BOBBIN CASES also!! I had that happen to me too!!:(

On my last order of Bobbin Cases one of them is for another machine.......I don't know which one but it sure IS NOT for my Maggie. And believe me it just doesn't want to work for you no matter what you do. So also check your BOBBIN CASES also when you order new ones.

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