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Embroidered Quilt 83x103

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I have it loaded and I'm trying to decide.

Not sure my thread colors will work.

I have bottom line lace white but I think its too white as the fabric is more eggshell Not pure white

My next color appear too dark so I have the SO Fine #402. and off white bottom line for the bobbin.

I might see if I can get another color in time tomorrow. I want to get it finished before MQX trip. Its my quilt left until I leave.

The So fine seems to disappear laying on top but do you think it is fine enough. I plan to stipple around the embroidery as small as I can. I may put feathers around the outside of each block or something like that.

I also have the CQ custom designs from Linda and Keryn that will look great and I can do all the filling freehand.

Again I guess I'll sleep on it. The borders are slightly wavy but I believe I can work that in as I make my way through the quilt. I just might SID the whole quilt and then go back and fill in.

Also I have Warm and Natural as batting with another layer of the Dream puff to get some trapunto effects and help take up some slack from some of the waves. Hope I'm doing the right thing here.

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