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Sorry for all the posts today!

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I feel like I've been a big mouth today. Any time I'm avoiding my project, I spend too much time on the computer. Today I was piecing a ton of tiny pieces (6" blocks with 25 pieces in each -- that's TINY for me!). The final borders are on and I'm back to work . . no more monopolizing the MB for me! :(

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Judy your no BIG MOUTH!

Sometimes I go on and on too. When I am at my Shift job and things are quiet I am always reading the APQS forum and looking at Quilts online or reading a book that generates a question. When I get bored I tend to visit the web.

I do most of my research at work.

For instance, Today I will get a range of copies from my New Karen McTavish Book so I can play with all these wonderful designs in different sizes. I can do the copying and do all the tracing with Black marker for reversing it.

That way when I get home I can go straight to the top and begin drawing it out if I want. That is the one advantage of my type job. I get alot of personal time. 12 hours is a long day and a long night shift.

Once I figure out this digitizing stuff and get some drawings downloaded I will bring my laptop and try to do my digitizing at work on nights when its quiet. I take full advantage of every minute I have away from my quilt room so that when I get there I can create. I even press and cut my fabric strips at work or my Bindings. I'm only discrete on my day shifts during the week as we get lots of visitors during this time.

Just keep preaching to us. We all need it and don't mind a bit. I have learned alot from you.

Myrna once said I'm like a sponge and well I am. I'm soaking in all I can stand.

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keep on posting, if it weren't for the expert advice from you and others that have been doing this business for many years how would the rest of us learn the ropes and cut our mistakes in half. Every time you post the rest of us learn something, which is what this forum is suppose to be all about.

Thanks for all of the tips and advice :)


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