SEEKING: Rob's Rulers & Other Templates

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So, anyone have any they want to sell?? Just thought I'd ask...maybe I'll have some luck with our chat group.

Would it be bad to ask for someone to outline a couple of their templates so I can have them made since I can not buy them any more?? Some of the shapes were really pretty. If the company is gone, is it still an copyright issue???



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That is a good question best left for lawyers. I think commonplace shapes are OK, but tracing an existing ruler to have one made won't fly, legally.

You can draw or digitize your own shapes and have them carved. If you need something and can't find one to purchase, having something similar made is the best bet.

Is there a way to contact Rob? Perhaps he can give permission for you to copy one of his designs for a small fee. Assure him it would be for personal use and not to manufacture for sale.

A patent is a different thing altogether. If an inventor has gone through that long and expensive process, even eyeballing and making a similar design is cause for trouble.

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I just got back from Checker Distributors open house and Creative Grid is coming out with rulers for the longarm. They are really nice and I was very impressed. The good thing with them is they were a little thicker, not just 1/4". They had registration marks for lining up easily, clear to be able to see through and in numerous shapes, sizes and squiggles. If any of you are going to market they should be there demoing them also.

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I bought all my Circle templates at Tap Plastic Corp.

I've also had Tap Plastic cut special quilt cutting templates at times. Better than cutting your own out of that thin stuff you can buy---

Tap Plastic also made the clear view side for my Ultimate II so I could see inside the machine where the oil wicks came down on the take up rod and handwheel. It sure saved me when I could see inside the machine when the thread broke, and was pulled inside this area as I could see what had happened fairly quickly. Otherwise who knows how long the thread would have stayed wound around all those parts of the machine.

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