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I was just working on a quilt and hit a spot on the quilt that wasn't flat (lots of seams meeting). The machine made a sound and at first I thought the needle broke, but it didn't - although it started making a popping sound. I changed the needle and still get the popping sound. However, there does not seem to be a problem with my tension. Any ideas? Could this be a timing thing?

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I didn't realize the sound was continuing after your went through the seam. I thought it was while you were in that thick area. I would clean it well and then do a manual test to see if you can see the needle hitting anything. Like Shana said you might need to change the bobbin case. I haven't had any problems with the hopping foot but John is the expert with the mechanics so I'd listen to him first!

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Okay, first I want to thank everyone for offering their knowledge and expertise, but in the end it was the needle afterall. I did change it, but it must have been a bad needle. I put another one in and voila - no more pop, pop, pop!

I am sorry if I've wasted your time, but I sure did learn a thing or two about my machine (again) in the last few hours.

I did check the hopping foot height and it is just the thickness of a credit card, which I think is correct. I also checked the timing setting and everything was like the pictures in the manual. However, it was a good lesson for me on how the needle and hook assembly should look like just in case I have some sort of problem in the future!

Thanks again guys!

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