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Just finished this Carpenter's Star

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Hi everybody,

I just got this back from a friend who does my bindings. I

have been wanting to make a carpenter's star for months.

Then I saw this collection of blues and yellows, my favorite

combo. I'm still practicing feathers but that would have

looked great on this pattern. Maybe next time...

I found these cool Hearts and Trumps Continuous Campanion

Set at a quilt shop, $6.95. It had several patterns for

triangles that you could enlarge, cut and paste and modify.

So I doodled and played with it and came up with some fun

patterns that I could manage. I had a blast. I am happy

with the way it turned out.


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Thanks for the nice comments, everybody.


Classes have really helped me gain confidence. I learn so

much in every class I take: Myrna Ficken, Pam Clarke and

next month it will be Nichole Webb. I also glean really

good stuff from this APQS web-site. Whether it is 'lessons

learned' or ideas for future quilts, this web-site is a valuable

resource. My quilting is far from perfect or even consistent

(yikes, I wish I had a stitch regulator) but I am learning AND

trying new things. I just need more practice....

You asked about the inside blocks. I used Pam Clarke's workbook and stencils, basic 8-line. I used her 2" parallel

lines for the border and she has "8's" and hearts and much

more. Check out her web-site:


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OK, I just got back from jury duty and decided to play hookie

the rest of the day.

I'm going to give these photos one more chance to post.

Drat, I don't think it worked this time either. I put the URL in

an earlier post but even messed that up.

Corner piece


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I love the color combo too. Great quilting. Looks like you did learn alot in Myrnas class. You go!!!!

I love your webshots. Added it to my list of favorites too.

I am missing my Hartley. I was just getting used to using it. We removed it when the CQ was installed.

I plan on keeping it so that I can use it with the Liberty I plan to get next year.

Again, Love the quilt.

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Linda -

Love the quilt! You are doing a wonderful job! Those classes are so much

fun - wish I could just go to everyone of them!

Thanks for sharing the photos - nice how you have them with labels on too

that is great - then we know just what (and where) you are talking about!

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