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Okay, I am going to be a rebel. I don't care for some of the QD batts. Their thinnest batts are so easy to stretch out of shape (I think I am speaking of the "Request" line). When I go to straighten out the batting after and during rolling the quilt forward, I put stretch marks where my fingers have gently pulled the batt to straighten out a wrinkle. It is very hard to flatten those areas again. Irritating!

I prefer Hobbs Heirloom for a thin batt because it has a scrim in it and I don't create stretch marks. For a batt with a slight loft I like Hobbs 80/20 (it does soften when washed) and for more loft I like a wool batt (not particular about the brand). I am not a big fan of polyester batts, but I am more of a natural kind of person when it comes to fibers (although scrim in the heirloom isn't natural I will still use it). I also like Warm 'n Natural, but it is a heavy batting.

I haven't used bamboo or silk, but hear they are wonderful. I have an Alpaca farm down the road from me and she sells alpaca batts for quilters. That should be really warm and light, so I plan on trying one (I need to find out what the washing instructions are first because if it is dry clean...forget it).

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I use all of the Quilter's products, mostly the Dream wool these days, but the cotton select loft is great, the dream green and the fire retardant Dream Angel is so soft and great for kids quilts!

Having worked at my LQS for years I know which lofts are for what use and the request is for hand quilting not machine. I've also used Dream cotton in the deluxe loft and supreme. Supreme is a bit thick but meant for comforters the deluxe is just loftier cotton and keeps more heat in.

I am not a fan of Hobbs, any of them, I dislike that they all come out of the package very wrinkled and I've had some where the batting is uneven with different thickness' in different spots.

I still like Warm & Natural especially for wall hangings, it's the most stable batting!

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I have to tell you that I had a problem with QD. I started using it in the beginning and never thought about any other. I ordered a roll of Select. Loved it. Then the cost of shipping got ridiculous--$25 per box or roll! Since I could go locally and order Warm and Natural with no shipping charges I rebelled. I disliked QD because of its tenderness in handling too! HOWEVER, I just don't get the same results with WN that I did with QD. I found that if you contact QD during a special showing, like spring market or one of the really BIG shows, they usually have an offer that includes FREE shipping. Now I carry both. I have PUff, Select cotton, 70/30 which is great for kids quilts and wall hangings, black poly for those dark quilts, and Wool--beautiful. (I also have WN and WW--I use for utility quilts) I still prefer QD and have learned how to load without pulling puckers in it. I have a roll of 46-inch wide Request that I use for table runners and minimal loft projects. I have used it also for a double layer effect.

It truly is a Quilter's DREAM product.:D

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If your friend wants to stock QD at her shop, please have her post that the "Request" line is not recommended for use on a longarm. On the inside of the label in tiny print it says "requires special handling" for use on a longarm, but says "excellent for machine quilting" on the outside. I had a sign posted in the studio stating unacceptable batting, but recently changed it to say--

"Problem batting extra charges"

QD Request--$75

Fairfield 80/20--$100

The first sign never got a comment. The second sign has everyone asking why. Then I give a short explanation. They think I know my stuff--unfortunately learned from experience!:D

Select or Deluxe is wonderful.

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I love QD as well.

Not sure I saw an answer to the question about using QD Green (recycled pop bottles) with white fabric. The green batting will show through on white or cream, so save it for other colors. I love to use it, just because I'm all for saving the environment...

Dream Angel is flame retardant - wonderful for babies and children's quilts.

I've used their Puff, Poly (Select), Blend (70% cotton/30% poly), Green, Angel and Cotton. All are terrific and I stock only QD on the roll.


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Love it, love it, love it. I carry the Puff, Wool and Request cotton on the roll, & have special-orderd and used most of the others. My LQS has recently switched from Hobbs 80/20 to QD 70/30, and we both much prefer it. She sells that exclusively, & I supply the "specialty" batts.

I do use and like the Request. Although as you all say it needs "special handling", that is not so hard to do, and its weight is ideal for our year-round warm climate. I love the soft drape of it. The thin cotton seems to be going out of fashion though; most of my customers now ask for either the Puff or the Wool. I've got a package of the new silk blend, "Orient", but have not tried it yet.

Shipping costs have gone up, but the same rates apply to the shops, so I remain competitive. An added bonus: they do not have a minimum $ order, so in an emergency you can get, for example, just one King-size black, & it will be in your studio in 3 days. And if you think YOU'RE in the middle of nowhere, look where I am! Their service is also great.

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I love QD. I keep all flavors in stock except green.

I am doing a quilt with the new silk/cotton/bamboo/tencel right now. It is so soft, very much like QD blend. I also agree with Linda Rech, the Request is awful. I have the cotton in 2 lofts, the Select which is very much like Warm and Natural but it is all cotton and the Deluxe which is beefier than the Select.

I love that there is no "right side" to quilt. The Puff is great for definition. Love the wool, too. It breathes and I did not notice any shrinkage after washing. I had a customer tell me that her quilt (with QD wool) smelled like a wet dog out of the washer but was fine and odor-free out of hte drier. I have not noticed that myself.

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I am a QD fan! Love the Puff and Wool! Not a fan of Hobbs or Fairfield. I hate the scrim on Hobbs, stiff and kinda sticky. Feels funny. Mostly I use Dream Puff or the cotton Select. I really want a chance to try the Green, but as someone else pointed out, it does show through the light fabrics.

Everyone that sees my samples of the Dream Puff and Dream Wool usually opt for one of those. Quilts up like a knife in butter, and no pokes.

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