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Old Ties Become new quilt

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I will try to post this quilt, - it was put togeather by an women in her 80's that really new nothen about putting a quilt togeather, well, this Man friend of her gave her a bunch of ties of his,(retired Chef) And she wanted to do something special for him-she took a sheet,hems still in, and hand appliqued all these ties on it-did NOT take the ties apart,so you can imagine the thickness!!! At first I said No, she pleaded, I said ,"well,I will try" Then she brought out the backing----Upholstery fabric,,black and shinny.:o I just took a deep breath, told her I have never had anyone use this type of fabric before, again she pleaded. I loaded this thing, and tried to do SID-no way -it was too thick and I could not put the ruler against the foot so I winged it,,then on the sheet part, I did a lot of freehand meandering. and threw in things like pots hanging, a chef knife,blender,mixer,cups,teapots, ect,,,,,,,,,,She Loved it,,,,,,,,I was NEVER so glad to get this quilt done and out the door!!!! It weighed about 50 Lbs!!!

So, the APQS can do almost anything!!!!!Oh, and my imagination :D


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That is just awesome!! I would have been so scared to take that on!! I hope you have lots of pictures of it. That is definately a once in a lifetime quilt to see or be a part of!!

Great job!!!


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