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Just Finished This Quilt

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I just finished this quilt and like Linda, used one of Anne Bright's companion packs for the setting triangles. They are pretty forgiving patterns that look great. I will try to use Linda's instructions for reducing the size of the photo, so we'll see if I learned anything from her excellent instructions.:D

The fabrics in this quilt pretty well hid most of the quilting, which made me more comfortable with some of the freehand patterns I put in the sashes. If you want a closer look, I will have more photos up on my webshots page.


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Great job on the quilt. Don't you love those companion sets.

I bet I walked past those patterns for months before picking

one up. Sometimes all I need is a jumpstart to get my brain

working on a design. The Ann Bright Coninuous Companion

Set give me just the inspiration I need.

Hey I checked out your webshots. You have some beautiful

quilts. I had to smile at the Vern's Empty Nest quilt. I love

the sun in the clouds treatment in the corner. Way cool. Is

that your design?

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Thanks everyone for the nice comments on this quilt and for having a look at my webshots photos. Gerry, I have been quilting for five years now and I was as thrilled as my customers were to have won ribbons in local shows. I still have a long way to go, though, or maybe I should say that there's much more I want to be good at. Linda, the Empty Nest wallhanging made me smile the whole time I worked on it. I know the feeling!! The sun and cloud pattern are from Laura Lee Fritz's first book of continuous quilting designs. Its a good thing there are true artists like her out there otherwise my ideas would never become something recognizable! It took me a while to see the possiblities with those Anne Bright companion packs too, Linda. I won't say how long it took me to figure out how to mirror the design I used for the setting triangles, but now I've got it and can't wait to use them again. I have about four pantograph quilts to do before I can get back to another custom quilt though, boo hoo. There's no money in custom work, but boy do I love doing them!

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Nice quilt! Great Quilting too! Glad to see you figured out the photo thingy,

that means there is hope for me too! I also copied down Lindas directions.

I am off to give it a try - keep your fingers crossed!

I still need to check-out your webshots - I like looking through photos -

helps in the idea area. I agree with you on the pantos and over-all - they

can be so boring - but yes, you put so much time and effort into custom

quilting, that really, it wouldn't be a high hourly wage. At least not with

what people want to pay around here. But it sure is fun to play!

Thanks for sharing the photos! Keep them coming!

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