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carpenter wheel quilt

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Here is my carpenter wheel quilt I got done,,, I did it in the flowing feather pattern,, I have never posted a picture so I hope it comes out alright,,,

I love this APQS site,, and love to read it everyday,,,we learn so much from each other,,,:D:D


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I think I need another drink to make this quilt stand still.

Yikes. I would love to see the quilt. But I think you must

have jiggled when you were taking the picture.

I will try to post a smaller picture but I can't help with the

focus part. Take another picture and post it.

It looks like it is a beautiful quilt.

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Linda & Judi

My digital camera ,, it has it problem sometimes... like me

I will try posting this carpenter Wheel quilt again

Hopefully it will come out better,,, I had fun doing this quilt,,, I did my own pattern making the quilt,,just used the carpenter wheel pattern but cut the square and half squares a little bigger,,, someone told me she made one of these and put a double the outside of the wheel,,,going to try this next... let you all know how this one will turn out,,,

so Linda you can hold your drink until after you see it,,


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