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Daughter does well at show

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Hello Liam,

Off course we want to hear about your children's awards! This is a great chat site and lots of Quilting "Aunts" to brag to!! ;)

Mind you, I think somewhere else you posted that she also finished a quilt , so when I read the heading, I was expecting pictures of a quilt with ribbons, not horses. Well done to your young Lady anyway!! :D

I too wish everyone a Happy Father's Day... Geoff used to milk it because the Australian Father's Day is in a diferent month to the US one. When stationed over there, he insisted on having both!!


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Liam, you will have to tell your daughter Congratulations from her "quilting aunts" on the forum. We love to hear about the things our children do and you certainly sound very proud of her which you should be. Barrel racing is fun and exciting, I have done that in my "younger" days along with some of my cousins. I still have some that ride broncos and do some do roping yet.

Anywhoo Congrats to your daughter!!

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Congrats to Amanda, Cruiser, and Silk! That is wonderful and we love to see the photos.

The photo of her on Silk needs to be a wallhanging with the ribbon pinned to it! It would be wonderful with her hair flying and the dirt being kicked up. Use the computer to grey-scale the photo, enlarge it a bit, get out the fabric and fusible, and go to town! When can we expect to see it? Maybe a Christmas present for Amanda?

(I guess I should ask how your shoulder is healing before I badger you into starting a project!!;))

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