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2009 APQS Millennium Arrives! Named it 'The Millennium Falcon'

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Sorry I put my bump on all those posts but If I were on the wrong end of that post, I would not want my name drug through the mud like that. Hopefully nobody comments on it and Admin can delete it quickly. It must be Sunday :)

In other news, I blogged about my new baby and the process of naming him/her Choosing Baby Names for my Millennium



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What time tomorrow?? I waited all day for mine. Well, ok, not ALL day!:P I was calling FedEx Frieght and I'm sure she got tired of hearing my voice!! The delivery guy was really nice and I helped him carry stuff into my studio. Good thing. The boxes with the poles/bars are SUPER heavy. He even asked me "WHAT the heck is in here?" hahahaha

Good luck and I know you'll be up all night til it is all set up! I was:P:P

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"Always good to have a "Man" around", good on you for the bumps. I am sure that your wife can find various ways to fill your day if you become too unbearable whilst waiting. ;):D

I am sure with all those children, she would have had lots of practice redirecting ineffective uses of too much energy or lack of patience!!!

Have fun when he/she does arrive!!

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I just read your blog. OK now I am very curioius what name our ManQuilter Matt will name his new machine. Matt, are you expecting a girl or a boy?

My machine is named Mademoiselle Madeleine Millennium. So, if you wanna have a long silly fun name like mine how about the name Mortimer? Mister Mortimer Millennium has a nice ring to it. :cool:

And, You can call him Mort for short!

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Hi Matt! It's 9:30 pm here so I bet you are already in bed and (trying) to sleep before the big day on Monday. So I will be the first to sing--

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday dear Miller,

Happy birthday to you!!

(That's my favorite of the names on your blog. Miller Sparrow--it has a nice ring to it!;))

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Hi kathy

I hope this will post correctly, its information about Quilt Glide.

sue in australia

Micro-stippling just got easier!

Introducing “Quilt Glide”—

an exciting new feature that

enhances your ability to create

stunning detail in your quilts!

For years longarm quilters have been trying to make detail quilting

easier to do without sacrificing the benefits of stitch regulation.

APQS has found a way! The Quilt Glide gives you the slick,

fluid motion you like when stitching in manual mode, but at the

same time keeps the stitch regulator engaged to give you consistent

stitches, even when moving slowly for detail quilting.

The Quilt Glide feature combines manual sewing mode and stitch

regulation mode together to give you accuracy and consistency

without that “jerky” feeling that can happen when trying to do

detail quilting in regulator mode alone.

In normal stitch-regulated mode, your APQS quilting machine

stops sewing the second you stop moving the machine. This great

feature gives you time to “think ahead” as you create designs, and

even allows you to move your feet without losing your place as

you quilt. For designs that involve frequent stops and direction

changes like detail stitching, however, quilters want to feel no

hesitation as they make those quick, tiny motions.

That’s where the new Quilt Glide comes in! When engaged, the

Quilt Glide keeps the needle moving up and down in stitch regulation

mode, even when you stop moving the quilting machine.

Since the needle continues to stitch when the Quilt Glide is on,

you’ll feel like you’re gliding through your design like smooth

pen strokes. The Quilt Glide can be adjusted to suit every quilting

style—whether you want the needle to cycle frequently when

changing directions or to move very slowly. Or, you can turn off

the Quilt Glide completely and return to normal stitch regulation

mode with the flip of a switch.

Introduced on January 1, 2009, the Quilt Glide is available on

new Millennium and Freedom SR models for only $1250! The

Quilt Glide can also be retrofit to any 2008 Millennium model

(contact APQS for more information).

Add the amazing Quilt

Glide feature to your

new Millennium or

Freedom SR for

only $1250!

For more information, contact your local APQS representative or call APQS at 800-426-7233.

You can also visit us on the web at: www.apqs.com.

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