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I have an ETA of 11:30 MST for the delivery of my 2009 APQS Millennium! WOOT WOOT WOOT WOOT! That's less than an hour and a half away.

I've got the Live Studio Cam going as I take apart my HQ16 frame to make room for My new baby Miller Sparrow and so you can watch the set up!

I will turn the camera to my driveway so everyone can watch the machine get dropped off. OMG!


then 'CLICK HERE FOR LIVE QUILTING ACTION' to join me live in my studio :):):)

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This is just the funniest this I have seen. I have never watched someone else get to enjoy the arrival of their baby. How funny is that!!! I was so excited the day my Lenni arrived - and it was late getting here - and I was a wreck. My husband helped calm me and was right here to help set it up or I really would have been nuts with it just sitting in boxes! I can't wait until you get it; get it set up; and get it stitching! You are one lucky guy to get to buy the "big one" with all the bells! :P PS I also like your studio. Wish mine was that big.

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Hey matt

Thats so cool, I'm watching you on the screencast live!

Stop patting your machine and get started putting it together!!!!

WOW - if you are getting so excited about your machine arriving I can't imagine what you were like when those cute kids arrived.

To see Matt putting his Milli together LIVE click on http://manquilter.com - so cool!

sue in australia

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Matt - fun to watch you get your fabric loaded and I do it the same as you. Pin to the take up first, then the backer roller. As you said, same amount of pinning. I do have zippers, but sometimes it is just as quick to pin the smaller quilts.;) Love the music your listening to also. Rock n Roll --OH yea.:cool:

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