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Hi Matt

I enjoyed watching your screencast yesterday - your excitement was contagious.

Regarding the needles I always use exactly the same ones that came with my machine. They were chosen by the technician who developed our machines and, our machines are timed to give the very best stitch quality using them.

Since he knows more about building a great machine i trust him to choose the best needles to run with my machine.

It also reduces the possibility of tension issues and breakage for a new machine owner and they cost around the same price as any other needle.

happy quilting

sue in australia

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Hi Matt,

Congrats on the "arrival" of your new baby.

As far as Needles are concerned, we had lots of info in August, with Dawn Cavanagh writing some interesting info and educating us (well, anyway, she tried really hard;))

The following are two of the threads, so should give you some insights:




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Hi Matt,

In Canada, you can buy alot of the stuff you need for your Millie from Linda Lang at www.canadianlongarmsupplies.com I buy all my needles through her too...you can buy a box of 100, and get all different sizes...I use mostly the MR 4.0

She carries all the APQS parts/needles, etc.

Check it out...

If you are in a bind and can't find any asap, I can put a few packs in the mail to you...I have MR 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5

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Hi Matt, congratulations on your new baby. I recently switched from the MR 4.0 to Organ size 16 and hat an awesome difference they make in my quilting. The scarf is skinnier so they don't leave such a big hole which is just terrific especially when working with Batiks. The most amazing thing???? I can use Superior Lava with this 3.5 needle and have no breakage or shredding. They also seem to stay sharp longer and no re timing is needed, exactly the same as MR's just a skinnier scarf. I drive a FREEDOM S/R by the way.

Have fun

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Originally posted by Butterfly

I just ordered a pack of Singer 3.5 and received Groz-Beckert 16 instead. I contacted the company I ordered from and they told me that the Singers are not being made any more in the yellow package and that the Groz-Beckerts are the exact same thing. I also noticed the needle is a golden color.


Is there a needle number on these. I have plenty of Singer 4.0 needles, but I'd like to try a smaller one for some threads.

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