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Hi Virginia!

I take my pics, download them to my PC, make them small enough (like 800 x 600 pixels) and then when you post a new topic there is a box under your words and it says "Browse" next to it. Click on browse and you can double click whatever picture you want to include.

Now, was that clear as mud??? hahaha

I'm sure somebody has better instructions than I do!!

Shana and Heidi are pros at this:P:P

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Shana is right about no custom, but a simple custom I could do; for not too much money. I'm going to try to do something to give it justice. It needs to be done by tomorrow afternoon. :o I keep telling myself I do great work under pressure!!:P:P What a laugh!!

The fabric is from 2005 by David Textiles called "Confetti" designed by Beth Ann Bruske; Style #111999, color # 1 Pink/Red. I thought of spirographs too.

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