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How to make more money--hint from National award-winning longarmer

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Guess I got your attention, huh!:D

I had several classes recently with a well-known (like she wins money and is in magazines and everything!!) longarmer.

She needed a big influx of money early this year for an emergency. She has a well-established customer base-doing overalls for her "little lady" quilters and high-end custom (8+ cents an inch) for herself and a select few.

Here was her solution--she sent postcards or emails to her little ladies and offered them a one-month deal in March. Any quilt done with a big meander for one cent an inch.

She had such a response! The UFOs from the 80s came out of the closet. That ugly one that was a mystery quilt but the colors didn't work came out. That promised King size got pieced in a hurry and showed up. She is fast and skilled. She had a pile to do (remember a King will bring $100 at a penny). She did three a day!! For thirty days!! At $100 each. $9000. Yikes!

She said that March is her slowest month--not any more. She has told her customers she will do it again next year and to call dibs on the spots. All her spots are filled.

Just thought I'd share......:)

Linda Rech

Finely Finished Quilts

Millennium on Bliss rails--hand-guided

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I wonder if I could find 5 people to offer this too for one week. :P

That would boost my income. Since I have NO income from quilting as we speak.

Great idea. Thanks for sharing. Isn't is Joann Kabat? that offers her inkblot panto for $.01 psi as a recession buster? I always thought that was a terrific idea! :)

Kristina at website and personal blog


Hoppily quilting along with FROGGER - my Green Millennium, and TOAD - my Liberty. Quiltazoid equipped too!

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