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Ideas for pinwheel (I think!)

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I'm stumped! This queen size quilt is beautifully made, customer wants custom quilting--design in light areas and a design in dark areas--but all of it needs to be quilted--but no pantos etc...or overall design. I've looked for pics on the chat and in webshots--and missed anything I should have seen--looked through all my "idea" books--I think it's so pretty I'm scared! Any suggestions will be taken to heart! Thanks--to the best chatters anywhere! Jane


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I agree with circles.

Another circular idea that looks great. Do you have any of Kim Diehl's books. She does a lot of what I call "cinnamon buns"! It's done freehand and is quick and easy. You spiral a circle from the outside in, then just sew out to do the next one. Make them different sizes. I would look good on this quilt.

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Hi Jane - I did one similar to this, it didn't have the little pinwheels inside the light colored areas though. (Someplace I have the pattern - it's on my to-do list!!)

I did a feathered wreath in the light areas, tiny tight meander in the center, and I would spirl out from the feather wreath now and then to hit into those outer areas. My customers quilt was much darker though, Kansas Trouble fabrics..... so she just wanted a meander in the darker fabrics. Looked really nice and went quick. I piano-keyed the inner little border and meander the outer.

You could do this too, and just SID around the pinwheels and have that be the center of your wreath. Good Luck and I hope it all goes well!

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