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Timing issue????Please tell me

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I had an "oops" the other day. I just barely caught the edge of a 1/4" acrylic ruler on the edge of the hopping foot. (Took my breath away). Well, I guess I couldn't see any problem on the dark quilt that i finished. But, the next quilt is a light one, using dark thread. When I move vertically, I have a side step in the line, just the slightest, but noticable. When I quilt horizontially, stitches look fine. Is this a timing issue due to my jump onto the acrylic? If not what and how to fix??? Need all replies. Thanks, SM;)

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I have a Milli that has/had been stitching fine. I'm working on a vintage quilt--made about 20+? yrs ago... The first 3/4 of quilting went along without any challenges, good stitches, tension, etc, now all I get is skipped stitches.

I have changed the needle, checked tension, re-threaded machine....nothin! Skip for about 10 stitches then sews again. More skip happens from lower Right going to upper left and when doing swirls/circles.

I had a friend come over, she played with it. Between her and her hubby they said it wasn't a timing issue. Thank you Anna.

She was able to mess with it enough to get it to sew at a very slow rate with very minimal skips.

SO, now what?

And Thank you in advance.

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Since you asked here goes. The first thing you need to check is to see if you have needle holes in the skipped area. If not you are having long stitches and not skipped stitches and you need to check your encoder wheels. Move your machine only in a horizontal direction then in a vertical direction and see if the skip is in one direction. If so check the encoder wheel on that encoder.

Your post makes me think it is an encoder issue. It does not sound like skipped stitches. Let me know and then we will work from there.


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