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Originally posted by sagebrushquilter

Want to know why my husband is the neat and tidy one...he doesn't have as much stuff! :P

So that explains it....neither Gene or I are overly neat or tidy...but we have to MUCH stuff...his reloading,welding,wookworking My stash, longarm, collection of sewing machine.

NOW I know why we need a bigger house....to much stuff. And don't even think I will be selling any of it in the near future...nope, nope, nope....love my stuff.;)

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Thank goodness, Kenna...at least now I know why I'm slow!!:P

Bonnie, I think you've got it. We have too much stuff; but its stuff we love. Dennis has two big embroidery machines, a huge cutter for his vinyl, a heat press, a printer for printing the screen-print screens, a sublimation printer and a sublimation printer for cups...and then there's the 6 station screenprinting press and all the associated "stuff" that goes with that--including the product to be printed!!

I have my LA, 3 sewing machines now, a stash that continues to grow (along with my UFO list) and the numerous storage bins & tubs associated with that stuff. Then, in the winter, we bring all the tack inside to the mudroom from the trailer (it sweats in the winter and our tack is expensive, so I'd rather it be safe), so we have even more stuff!!!!

And we have "grandma" and her stuff now too...

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