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Ultimate 11 used....should I buy?

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I am new here and had a couple of questions about an used 1995 Ultimate11 with a brand new Lenni 10ft table that is for sale.

I understand that it is similar to a Lenni machine in the quilting width of around 15-17". I was wondering if any of you know if you can quilt a king size quilt on the 10' Lenni table that is coming with this machine?

This machine does not have a stitch regulator and I know that if I want I could put one on for some major $.

So I am wondering just how badly I would need this? I have done some beginner quilting on a Gammil at our local quilt shop and have used the stitch regulator on that machine. Sometimes I liked it and sometimes I did not.

Also, there were some that said they had trouble with the Lenni table and where it breaks down. This table was purchased last November and I was wondering if APQS fixed this problem? Also, just how does the quilt advance on this table? are there ratchets with handles? or do you advance by hand turning the bars?

I talked to the lady that has this machine and she really did not have any answers to my questions since she only did a baby quilt on the machine and then put it up and she purchased it used.... so not much info from her.

Any help that you ladies can give me will help me decide if I should purchase this machine.....


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The king sized quilt can be creatively quilted on the will need to fold it over and do part of it and then refold to do the other side....

You machine will take up about 12-15 inches on each side so when its in the resting position, you can have a quilt under the needle but you will have NO room to move the head. On a 10 foot table you can only get comfortably a small queen..and you might need to flip the quilt around to get to the sides depending on the length of the quilt...again you may have to bend over the top to quilt and then refold the other direction.

My current 12 foot table I have had 2 king spreads on it and it was a major trick, but I got the job done, and the only time I really wished I had a 14 foot table. Not all the breakdown tables had troubles, so I would take a look before purchasing it.

Yes they do advance with a manual (your hand) rolling each advance and tighten by your hand...its not hard to do and its not hard on your hands. There is a little brake stop that falls into the gears as you roll so if you miss you let go and that will click into place.

For a beginning machine they are wonderful...and as you said you can add the Stitch regulator... I ran unregulated for almost 10 years before I put mine on, so need it NO, want it for me it was a yes, as I do tons of stitch in the Ditch and piano key borders as well as custom work. Don't get me wrong you can do beautiful custom work nonregulated, but I felt after 10 years of not having one, I wanted one, and there for got one. :)

They are a work horses, and very little down time with them if they have been well maintained. In 12 years mine has only gone back to the Spa once and that was about 5 years ago for a TOTAL overhaul. Before Spa treatment TONS of quilts since Spa treatment, maybe a long time before my girl needs to go back.

My suggestion to you would be go in person if you can, have her set it back up and play with it...that is the only way you will know first if its what you want, and secondly you can tell if the table is what you expect it to be. I have never seen the breakdown tables so haven't a clue as to how solid they are or what the troubles you mentioned would or could be.

Good luck...and let us know what you decide.

Bonnie Botts

APQS Sales Rep - Certified Service Technician

APQS Millennium 2006---MJ

APQS Millennium 2004---Lucy

405-533-1025 home

518-935-3832 cell

"Absolute rules are about as useless in making quilts as they are in raising children" Carter Houck---1992

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Thank you so much for your reply, it helped alot. I was afraid that the 10' table would not be large enough to do King quilts comfortably and I am not so sure I want to do the 'fold over sides' thing and then go back to finish up that area. I might have to think about this a little while. It is a good price and I have limited space to put this machine.

ANYONE else have info on a 10' table for king quilts????


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As far as King size--not impossible, but not easy on a 10 foot table. Most kings max-out my 12 ft table and I have had one home-dec custom repair job on a 112" bedcover which was so time-consuming I will never attempt again. One edge over-ran the leaders so I had to load it twice--and very carefully. If it doesn't fit on the table, it's best to pass. The frustration and extra time spent on it may not be offset by the $$. My opinion of course:).

Linda Rech

Finely Finished Quilts

Millennium on Bliss rails--hand-guided

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Linda, the machine she is looking at is the UltII non-sr on a Lenni 10' table. Not a Lenni machine. Does this help?

Kristina at website and personal blog


Hoppily quilting along with FROGGER - my Green Millennium, and TOAD - my Liberty. Quiltazoid equipped too!

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Hello Mamu,

In regards to the Lenni table...find out if it is the standard 10' table...which is one piece or the stow away table which is the one that breaks down into 2 - 5' pieces. I have the stowaway table and I have never had any problems with it.... others have. Yes, on both table styles you manually roll the rollers to advance or reverse...there are no gears on the rollers, there are turn knob brakes on them that you screw down to tighten the rollers, very easy to operate.

There are many quilters out there that quilt without a stitch regulator and there are some quilters that would not use a machine without a stitch need to decide what works best for you. It would be great if you can test drive the machine so you can get a feel for it.

Nadia Wilson
Nadia Wilson Designs
Longarm Quilting Service
APQS Sales Rep
British Columbia, Canada
Vancouver Island

Text or phone at 250-902-9701

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