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This isn't anything special - a double irish chain quilted with a panto. I made this for my aunt. She is terminally ill and I wanted to do something that would bring her some joy. The quilt is really more about the back. I found old photographs from the early years of her life - her parents, grandparents, sibllings, etc ending with her marriage. I appliqued them to the back. As much as I would have liked to do some custom work in the large white areas, I settled on an open panto because of the random placement of photos on the back. My husband wants me to deliver it to her rather than mail it, so I will travel to PA next week for a visit. She is my mother's baby sister. only ten years older than I and so is really more like a big sister to me than an aunt. I haven't done picutes before so I'm crossing my fingers that this works.






The can of pledge in the corner of one picture offers proof that I do clean periodically.

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Claire, how wonderful. The quilt is beautiful and your thoughtfullness is so touching. She will love the quilt. I am one who loves pantos so don't apologize that this quilt was done with one. This will surely cheer her heart. BTW, Claire is one of my most favorite names (my granddaughter's middle name is Claire but they don't call her that.)

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Originally posted by oireachtas

Heid - That was my intent. She has talked in the past about how hard it is to be the "baby" of the family, because most of the people who were part of her early life have passed before her. I wanted to give her the feeling that they are all still covering her with love.

Your aunt is going to love it! I did a "love quilt" and it brought her so much love from her family but it also brought comfort to her family! I recently met her mother (3 or 4 years after she had died) and she was just overcome. She was so thankful.

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Thanks for all of the kind words and support. So many of the folks here do such spectacular work, so I have been a bit shy about posting pictures of my little quilts. But this was one I really wanted to share with people who would get it. I visit this site everyday for eye candy, a smile, inspiration, knowlege, etc. I started out with several machine quilting forums, but now find this is the only one I need or want to visit daily. Very glad to have discovered such a positive, knowlegeable, supportive, fun group.

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AS I am sure you know you cannot out give God, the blessings that your quilt will bring to your Aunt are huge but it seems comes back to you ten fold!! I have made two Love Quilts for terminally ill friends and had a huge area on the back of each that was for signatures, scriptures and well wishing of their friends and family. The quilts brought much comfort and later became a priceless keepsake for the family.

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