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I was in the midst of quilting the second last row of a panto, on what was only the second quilt I've ever put on the frame, when my son called to tell me they had just had their baby boy. Well I was so excited that when I went back to where I left off I went the wrong way and backtracked! Fortunately I realized quickly what I had done and stopped. But then when I went to touch the needle up button, I hit the blue button instead! arrrrrg.... a hundred tiny stitches all in one place and a birds nest in the bobbin area! But I couldn't stop smiling through that tedious stitch picking! I will never forget the day and time I first had to frog! :P I'm still smiling!:):):)

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Thanks everyone! am excited to go see my little grandson this weekend. Don't know what his name is yet! Second grandbaby for me... sorry, I can't resist.... here's a pic of my sweet li'l Lola, sitting on the blanky that started this quilting obsession for me. That was before I actually knew the proper way to make a quilt.... Lola's the reason I started this adventure!

Thanks for indulging me!


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