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Round Quilt Finished...finally!!

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Very cool Dory

which album did you post the other pictures under. I didnt see it at least on the front. I usually try to rearrange my pictures so the recent one shows at the front of the album so it can be found easier.

Does this quilt have a special reason for being round, beside the fact that it is just cool! Any tips as to how you were able to keep it lined up where it didnt have any straight borders. I have one that has a edges and I may need some tips on how to get it straight.

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I had tons of help from JoAnn Hoffman with loading and ideas from our Doodlebug. Of course, the stuff Doodlebug suggested was a just a tiny bit:D beyond my expertise!!

The lady who made this plans to just throw it over her couch.

We actually had a class last year before Christmas to make treeskirts. She made this instead. She's really talented and an excellent piecer.

Thanks for the compliments everyone!!

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Linzi...I hadn't thought about that. I actually have a round one almost done, but its Christmas. I should make one for the yurt...great idea!

Kristina, I love the southwest look of this one too. In fact, my customer had only seen the Christmas one the teacher had and she wanted it quilted the same with with gold metallic. Talked her out of that and did this instead. I think she'll be pleased. So, what # project is this???:P

Marilyn, let me know when you're coming up. I'd love to meet you too!!

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